Why Pilates?

TLPC was founded by Claire, who first discovered the power of Pilates following childbirth. She was later joined by Kerry, whose introduction to Pilates was a little less joyful...

Meet Claire

Claire took up Pilates to help tone up and regain her fitness following the birth of her second child. She soon fell in love with it, and went on to train with Body Control in London, qualifying in 2007.

Body Control was founded to help make the benefits of Pilates accessible to anyone, regardless of age or fitness levels. It is Europe's leading Pilates organisation, and is widely accepted as the benchmark for safe and effective teaching.

Since qualifying, Claire has taught across the region, where she is a well-known and highly respected teacher. She is also a supervising teacher for Body Control, helping new students through their training periods. A passionate and enthusiastic teacher, Claire loves to challenge her clients while always maintaining a sense of fun. When not teaching, she can be found on the beach chasing a very large dog.

Meet Kerry

Kerry's path to Pilates began with the unfortunate meeting, at speed, of her (small) car and the back of a (very large) quarry truck. The truck was left unmarked – the car, not so much. Kerry was left with severe injuries to her right leg, which required almost two years' of orthopaedic treatment and surgery.

Once back on her feet, Kerry found that two years of inactivity had left her with severely reduced strength and mobility, and was referred to a Pilates class by her physiotherapist.

Like Claire, Kerry quickly fell in love with Pilates, and began her training with Stott Pilates in Dubai, qualifying as a teacher in 2016. On returning to the UK, she completed follow-up training in London, before joining Claire at TLPC in 2018. A recent convert to cold-water swimming, Kerry can often be seen shivering on a beach at sunrise.

“Progressive, specific and well balanced routines. Pilates has been my route to recovery and I daren’t not sign up for next term!”Fiona Tondrow
“Great teaching, tailored to need, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.”Sarah Piper
“Love Claire’s classes – enjoyable, supportive, and they give me great definition.”Sarah Hall
“Joining Claire’s class was the best thing I have ever done. Four years on and I am doing things I never thought possible including doing the Great North Run!”Claire Bird